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Behind your Cymbeline gown is a whole team of specialists who have the knowledge, a lot of love, the passion and talents, to make your dress unique…

La Parisienne

La Parisienne

Common thread of the new 2019 collection of Cymbeline wedding dresses. From Saint-Germain-des-Prés to the iconic Eiffel Tower through the poetic and artistic universe of the streets of Montmartre without forgetting the inevitable Moulin Rouge. The Parisienne strolls along the Seine. Paris, a source of inspiration during a walk in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

La Bellifontaine

On the edge of the gardens of the Château de Fontainebleau, the Bellifontaine strolls horseback in a most exceptional setting. A place borrowed by history that foreshadows the beauty of a rising love.

The Workshop

A collection that leads us to the heart of Cymbeline’s workshops, giving us a glimpse of its knowledge and French elegance. It’s the soul of the house, stylists, toile makers, modellers, seamstresses …. It’s the ballet of the hands, the transmission of an incomparable knowledge and the love of a craft work.

Shadows & Lights

A collection with a minimalist decor to emphasize the strength of the fitted cuts and the assurance of a stroke of pencil signed Cymbeline. When the elegance of wedding dresses simply reflect the beauty of the woman.


Podium, crackling flashes, journalists, a full room to discover Paris Forever the collection of wedding dresses Cymbeline 2019. 35 minutes under the lights to crown 9 months of work in the shadows of the workshops and the complicity of a team. 55 new silhouettes born of incomparable knowledge.


Il y a des modèles, des matières, des formes qui traversent le temps, avec cette élégance intemporelle et cette modernité insolente. Hors du temps, hors des modes, il est de ces robes qui sont synonymes d’une griffe. La tradition d’un savoir-faire, l’émotion d’un savoir plaire.